viapiranesi is a multidisciplinary firm involved in the design of content and ideas within the realm of architecture, strategic design, and contemporary arts specialised in the creation, management and production of exhibitions, publications, workshops and events that can bring knowledge and complex visions to the general public. 

Listening, research and dialogue are the corner stones on which viapiranesi creates and develops projects capable of consolidating and communicating content, identity and strategic objectives for both public and private customers on an international scale. 

Our main activities involve:  
  • Curatorship and organisation of the production of exhibitions, events and workshops
  • Architectural and design competitions
  • Exhibit design for installations, interiors, and temporary architectural spaces
  • Strategic design
  • Consultancy
  • Art direction for public and private spaces
  • Development, design and consultancy in the entire process of editorial work, design and execution of editorial products
  • Research
  • Training
  • Digital media content development  
viapiranesi was first set up in 2009 based on the academic and professional experience of Luca Molinari - one of Italy's most important and expert curators of contemporary architecture in the international arena - and Anna Barbara - an internationally acclaimed strategic designer - at Frigoriferi Milanesi. They are flanked by a network of curators, researchers, planners and designers of various nationalities, specialising in exhibitions, sounds, scent and fashion, CMF design and new media; all crystallised into a global network able to respond to the continuously evolving and mutating needs of the marketplace. 

viapiranesi has its headquarters in Milan, but it carries out projects in many European countries, and countries throughout the world, including the United States, Japan, the Arab Emirates, Korea, Brazil, the Philippines and Jordan.